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2017-001 Resolution Reimbursement for FY 2017 General Fund and Stormwater Expenditures/Downtown Infrastructure[Icon] 2 CITY CLERK 2005000034 Resolutions
2017-002 Resolution Commending the Florida Association of City Clerks for its 45th Anniversary[Icon] 2 CITY CLERK 2005000035 Resolutions
2017-003 Resolution Relating to the Collection of Code Enforcement Abatements[Icon] 4 CITY CLERK 2005000035 Resolutions
2017-004 Vacation of Right of Way Resolution for Georgia Street[Icon] 5 CITY CLERK 2005000035 Resolutions
2017-005 Master Capital Improvement Bond Resolution[Icon] 44 CITY CLERK 2005000035 Resolutions
2017-006 Supplemental Resolution to Capital Improvement Revenue and Refunding Bonds, Series 2017, Not to Exceed $44 M[Icon] 123 CITY CLERK 2005000035 Resolutions
2017-007 Resolution Extending for a Period of 123 Days a Temporary Moratorium Located within the Special Overlay Areas[Icon] 4 CITY CLERK 2005000035 Resolutions
2017-008 Resolution to Approve the 3 Year Lease/Purchase Agreement with BB&T for Financing New Police Vehicles[Icon] 3 CITY CLERK 2005000035 Resolutions
2017-009 Resolution Amending the Fine and Fee Schedule as Authorized by Ordinance No. 2017-015 ‎(Human Signage)‎[Icon] 5 CITY CLERK 2005000035 Resolutions
2017-010 Resolution Correcting Vacation of Right of Way Reso for Azalea Ranch Lane and Johio Shores Rd[Icon] 10 CITY CLERK 2005000035 Resolutions
2017-011 Resolution State Highway Lighting, Maintenance and Compensation 2017/2018 AM626[Icon] 2 CITY CLERK 2005000036 Resolutions
2017-012 Resolution to Execute a Railroad Reimbursement Agreement with FDOT - Wastewater Road ‎(Beech Center)‎[Icon] 2 CITY CLERK 2005000036 Resolutions
2017-013 Resolution to Approve the Four Year Lease Purchase Agreement for New Equipment and Vehicles with SunTrust[Icon] 3 CITY CLERK 2005000036 Resolutions
2017-014 Resolution for Annual Fire Protection Special Assessment for FY 2018[Icon] 8 CITY CLERK 2005000037 Resolutions
2017-015 Resolution of Issuance Revenue Bonds and Lending of Proceeds to Renaissance Charter Schools at Crown Point[Icon] 9 CITY CLERK 2005000037 Resolutions
2017-016 Resolution to Collect Disaster Debris within the City of Ocoee from Private Roads and/or Gated Communities[Icon] 4 CITY CLERK 2005000037 Resolutions
2017-017 Resolution Changing the Name of Windermere Road to Tomyn Boulevard[Icon] 5 CITY CLERK 2005000037 Resolutions
2017-018 Resolution Relating to Acquisition by Eminent Domain of Property[Icon] 4 CITY CLERK 2005000037 Resolutions
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