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05-12-2020 ‎(003)‎ DUP[Icon] 10 CITY CLERK 2005000048
2013-001 Extension of Temporary Signage Policy[Icon] 4 CITY CLERK000013 Resolutions
2013-002 ICMA Deferred Compensation Plan to Permit Loans[Icon] 13 CITY CLERK000013 Resolutions
2013-003 Amending Great-West 457 Deferred Comp Plan to Permit Loans[Icon] 10 CITY CLERK000013 Resolutions
2013-004 Amending Principal Life 457 Deferred Comp Plan to Permit Loans[Icon] 5 CITY CLERK000013 Resolutions
2013-005 Fine and Fee Schedule[Icon] 3 CITY CLERK000013 Resolutions
2013-006 Memorandum of Agreement Between FDOT and City of Ocoee[Icon] 10 CITY CLERK000014 Resolutions
2013-007 HRDB Resolution Amending Resolution No. 2010-10[Icon] 14 CITY CLERK000014 Resolutions
2013-008 State Highway Lighting, Maintenance and Compensation Agreement Between City and FDOT[Icon] 7 CITY CLERK000015 Resolutions
2013-009 Windermere Senior Living, LLC - All Sports Living Project[Icon] 25 CITY CLERK000015 Resolutions
2013-010 Initial Fire Protection Assessment Resolution[Icon] 74 CITY CLERK000015 Resolutions
2013-011 Red Light Camera Hearing Officer Resolution and Designation[Icon] 2 CITY CLERK000015 Resolutions
2013-012 Fire Assessment Resolution - $27.40 Rate[Icon] 19 CITY CLERK000015 Resolutions
2013-013 Designate Certain Subdivisions as Golf Cart Communities[Icon] 4 CITY CLERK000015 Resolutions
2013-014 Fee Structure for the Ocoee Parks and Recreation Department[Icon] 19 CITY CLERK000015 Resolutions
2013-015 Water and Sewer System Refunding Revenue Note, Series 2013[Icon] 46 CITY CLERK000015 Resolutions
2013-016 Allowing the Capital Trust Agency to Utilize the City’s Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act[Icon] 5 CITY CLERK000015 Resolutions
2013-017 Railroad Reimbursement Resolution for Municipal Grade Crossing Traffic Control Devices - North Clarke Road[Icon] 2 CITY CLERK000015 Resolutions
2013-018 Railroad Reimbursement Resolution for Municipal Grade Crossing Traffic Control Devices - Taylor Street[Icon] 2 CITY CLERK000015 Resolutions
2013-019 Issuance by the Capital Trust Agency of Its Revenue Bonds[Icon] 2 CITY CLERK000016 Resolutions
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