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MINUTES OF THE CITY OF OCOKK CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD MEETING HELD DECEMBER 09, 1985 <br /> I . ROLL CALL <br /> PRESENT: Chairman Frank Carlsson, Vice Chairman Ed Foley , Members Mary <br /> Ellen Frame , John Linebarier , Gary Carroll , Joe Marbais and Bob Sorenson, <br /> City Manager Ken Griffin, Attorney John Hatcher, Building Official Sam <br /> Gerace , Building Inspector Bill Hager, Fire Inspector James Coschignano <br /> and Deputy Clerk Susan Amesbury . <br /> ABSENT: Alternate Donald Barker <br /> Chairman Carlsson called the meeting to order at 7: 37 p .m. Mr. Linebarier <br /> led everyone in prayer and Chairman Carlsson led everyone in the Pledge of <br /> Allegiance to the flag. <br /> II . REVIEW & APPROVAL' OF MINUTES <br /> Mr. Linebarier asked that his name be listed as absent in the November 11, <br /> 1985 minutes. Mr . Marbais made a motion to accept the minutes of the <br /> November 11, 1985 meeting as corrected, seconded by Mr . Foley and approved <br /> unanimously. <br /> III . VIOLATIONS HEARINGS <br /> A. Case 85-26 , Charles Gould <br /> As a matter of record, Mr . Gould was present as was his mother-in-law, <br /> Mrs. Laura Howell . At this time Building Official Gerace and Mr . Gould <br /> were sworn in by Deputy Clerk Amesbury. Building Official Gerace stated <br /> the City had reinspected Mr . Gould' s property at 3:00 p .m. on December <br /> 09, 1985 and found him still in non-compliance . Chairman Carlsson read <br /> the description of Violation from the Notice of Code Violations as <br /> "junk vehicle, brown El Dorado - 1975 Cadillac - Tag #XT6-966 , expired <br /> 8/3/85 with a flat tire and no battery . " Mr. Gould acknowledged receipt <br /> of this document and stated the car was registered on August 30, 1985 , <br /> did not have a flat tire , had a current sticker and felt the City was <br /> trying to deny his right to a hobby of cars. At this time Laura Howell <br /> was sworn in by Deputy Clerk Amesbury. She stated the car in question <br /> belonged to her and that it had been taged since August 30 , 1985 and that <br /> the car had a battery . Chairman Carlsson questioned her as to the last <br /> time it was driven and Mrs. Howell answered 2 or 3 weeks ago . Mr . <br /> Sorenson questioned her about the driveable condition of the car presently <br /> and Mrs . Howell answered that it was driveable at this time . Building <br /> Inspector Hager was sworn in and he stated he had checked the car at 3:00 <br /> p.m. on December 09 , 1985 and to his knowledge the car had been sitting <br /> in the yard since November 25 , 1985. Mr . Linebarier questioned Mr . Hager <br /> about the statement of Violation he signed on November 25 , 1985 stating <br /> Mr . Gould was still in non-compliance . Mr . Linebarier asked if Mr . Hager <br /> physically checked the sticker and the tire . Mr . Hager stated he had <br /> not . Mr . Linebarier asked Mr . Gould for his registration ticket , it was <br /> given to him and upon his inspection of the document he stated the ticket <br /> was a second copy issued on November 27 , 1985. Mr . Linebarier asked Mr . <br /> Gould if he attached the yellow sticker to the car , Mr . Gould stated he <br /> did not . Mrs. Howell stated it was attached on August 30 , 1985 by one <br /> of her sons . Mr . Carroll asked why the duplicate copy of the registration <br /> was issued and Mrs . Howell replied that her children had lost the first . <br /> At this time , City Manager Griffin , Mr. Gould and Mrs. Howell left to go <br /> and reinspect the car per the motion of Mr . Linebarier to table the case <br /> for approximately 30 minutes or until City Manager Griffin and Mr . Gould <br /> could return from the reinspection, seconded by Mr. Sorenson and approved <br /> unanimously . Time: 7: 56 p.m. <br />