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MINUTES OF THE CITY OF OCOEE CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD MEETING HELD NOVEMBER <br /> 11, 1985 <br /> I . ROLL CALL <br /> PRESENT: Chairman Frank Carlsson , Vice Chairman Ed Foley , Members Gary <br /> Carroll and Mary Ellen Frame, City Manager Ken Griffin, Attorney John <br /> Hatcher, Building Official Sam Gerace, Building Inspector Bill Hager and <br /> Deputy Clerk Susan Amesbury. <br /> ABSENT: Joe Marbais , Bob Sorenson and Alternate Donald Barker . <br /> Chairman Carlsson called the meeting to order at 7: 31 p .m. and led every- <br /> one in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. <br /> II . REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br /> A. Mr . Carroll made a motion to accept the minutes of the October 14 , 1985 <br /> meeting as printed, seconded by Mrs. Frame and approved unanimously . <br /> B. Mr. Carroll made a motion to approve the minutes of the October 21, 1985 <br /> Workshop, seconded by Mr. Foley and approved unanimously. <br /> III . VIOLATIONS HEARINGS <br /> A. Chairman Carlsson stated that Case #85-23 on Randy Tinney had been <br /> dismissed by the City due to compliance by the respondent . <br /> B. Case #85-24, Vernon Mundy <br /> As a matter of record, Mr . Mundy was present to represent himself . At <br /> this point City Manager Griffin introduced the new Building Official Sam <br /> Gerace to the Board. Mr . Mundy acknowledged receipt of the Notice of <br /> Hearing from the City. Mr. Gerace stated that Mr . Mundy had mowed the <br /> front portion of his property but the back portion was not in compliance <br /> per his inspection on November 11, 1985 . Chairman Carlsson questioned <br /> Mr. Mundy about the length of the grass in the back yard and Mr. Mundy <br /> stated it was about 24 inches high . Mr . Mundy also stated there were also <br /> plants , etc . growing there . City Manager Griffin asked Mr . Mundy if he <br /> was aware that there had been complaints from his neighbors about marijuana <br /> growing in his back yard and Mr . Mundy said he was not aware of these <br /> complaints and that they were unfounded. Mr . Mundy then questioned the <br /> Board about the acceptance of a privacy fence . Chairman Carlsson stated <br /> that the privacy fence was not in the jurisdiction of the Code Enforcement <br /> Board, so the Board could not address the fence issue , only that the back <br /> yard was not in compliance with the City Code . Attorney Hatcher then <br /> stated that the ordinance addressed the issue of tall grass, not exception <br /> on the condition of sight by the neighbors and the reasoning for this was <br /> that the tall grass harbours rats, snakes, insects, etc . that could <br /> endanger the safety of citizens . At this time Mr . Mundy gave a statement <br /> to the Board, he stated he had a strong feeling for a natural way of life <br /> in his neighborhood and his back yard particularly. In his studies of <br /> the Native American way of life he had learned to walk on the earth in a <br /> sacred manner and to treat nature and wildlife sacredly. He said that <br /> perhaps he was trying to apply these beliefs in a haphazard manner but <br /> his parents had been farmers and part of his position was based on the <br /> American Ideals of personal freedom. He cited Daniel Boone and Davy <br /> Crockett as examples of men not afraid of critters and said he does not <br /> agree with the ordinance . In closing, he stated he believed in more <br /> personal freedom and wished to live in a natural fashion . Attorney <br /> Hatcher asked Mr. Mundy how long he had lived at his present address and <br /> Mr . Mundy stated he had lived at 412 Little Spring Hill Dr . since about <br /> 1980. <br />