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MINUTES OF THE CITY OF OCOEE CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD MEETING <br /> HELD OCTOBER 14 , 1985 <br /> I . ROLL CALL, <br /> PRESENT: Chairman Frank Carlsson, Vice Chairman Ed Foley, <br /> Members Mary Ellen Frame , Gary Carroll , John Linebarier and <br /> Joe Marbais , Attorney John Hatcher, City Manager Ken Griffin, <br /> Building Inspector Bill Hager, Temporary Building Official <br /> Harvey Nagel , Deputy Clerk Evelyn Nordstrom and Deputy Clerk <br /> Susan Amesbury. <br /> ABSENT: Bob Sorenson and Alternate Member Don Barker <br /> Chairman Carlsson called the meeting to order at 7 : 30 p .m. <br /> and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag . <br /> Mr . Linebarier led everyone in prayer. <br /> II . REVIEW AND APPROVAL QF MINUTES <br /> Mr. Linebarier moved that the following admendments and <br /> corrections be made to the minutes of the September 09 , 1985 <br /> meeting: a. Paragraph 2 should read "John Linebarier" . b . <br /> Paragraph 4 , first line , third sub paragraph should read <br /> "John Linebarier" . c . Title Vice Chairman be moved from <br /> Gary Carroll to Ed Foley. d . Mary Ellen Frame be listed as <br /> present . Mary Ellen Frame seconded all of the above <br /> amendments and corrections and the motion was carried <br /> unanimously. <br /> III . VIOLATIONS HEARINGS <br /> Case #85-19 : Betra Torez . Mr. Nagel as representative for <br /> City turned the case over to Mr . Hager and he was duly sworn <br /> in by Deputy Clerk Nordstrom. Mr . Hager stated Mrs . Torez <br /> had complied but could not state the date of compliance . <br /> Chairman Carlsson asked for an issuance of notice of <br /> dismissal for compliance . As a matter of record , there was <br /> not anyone present to represent Mrs . Torez . City Manager <br /> Griffin recommended a waiver of any fines since the city <br /> staff failed to properly inspect the property and since she <br /> is now in compliance . Mr . Linebarier made a motion to waive <br /> the fines as recommended by City Manager Griffin, seconded by <br /> Joe Marbais and approved unanimously. <br /> Case 85-23 : Randy Tinney. City Manager Griffin addressed the <br /> Board and requested the case be carried over to the next <br /> regular meeting. <br /> flow IV. OTHER BUSINESS <br /> Mrs . Frame has been appointed as a permanent member of the <br /> Board and Mr . Donald Barker has been appointed as an <br /> alternate . <br />