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MINUTES OF THE CITY OF OCOEE CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD MEETING <br /> HELD SEPTEMBER 9, 1985 <br /> :{ I . CALL TO ORDER <br /> Chairman Frank Carlsson called the meeting to order at 7: 30P.M. <br /> Gary Carroll led everyone in prayer. <br /> Frank Carlsson led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance to the <br /> flag. <br /> Present were: <br /> Chairman Frank Carlsson <br /> Gary Carroll , Vice-Chairman <br /> Board Members: <br /> John Linebarier <br /> Joe Marbais • <br /> Bob Sorenson <br /> Ed Foley <br /> John Hatcher-Attorney <br /> Ken Griffin-City Manager <br /> Bill Hager-Building Inspector <br /> Evelyn Nordstrom-Clerk of the Board <br /> Alternate member Don Barker was absent . <br /> 411. II . APPROVALS <br /> Gary Carroll made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected. <br /> III . NOTICES OF DISMISSAL <br /> Deputy Clerk Nordstrom swore Ken Griffin in. <br /> Mr. Griffin verified that Mr. Setarum' s trees have been removed as <br /> of August 15 , and he is in full compliance, an administrative order <br /> of dismissal has been sent to Mr. Setarum. <br /> There is still a law suit pending between Mr. Setarum and the <br /> city that our Attorney has moved to be dimissed but the judge has <br /> not made a ruling on that as of yet . <br /> Case 85-23 Randy Tinney was not in the audience . <br /> There was no car on Mr . Tinney ' s property, the violation exists on <br /> the property next door to Mr. Tinney , there is a car that has been <br /> cited by the police department and a notice is pending to remove <br /> the car to the east of Mr. Tinney ' s property . <br /> Ken Griffin requested to table the case of Randy Tinney until <br /> it is determined if the car is or is not on the property , or is <br /> or is not in running condition . <br /> Case 85-20 Randy Cleever <br /> There was a motion to table_85-20 until the city investigates and <br /> gives the board an authentic compliance order with the City Manager 's <br /> signature, seconded and carried unanimously . <br /> PAGE I <br />