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Cont'd-Code Enf. Board-8-12-85 <br /> FECCOSED ORDINANCES <br /> Proposal number 2.-Junk Vehicles. <br /> Regarding Section 3 Article C, there was a problem concerning grass growth, <br /> the problem was that in the summer the grass will grow much faster than in the <br /> winter, so depending upon the time of year that the violation takes place you <br /> have a time frame of sixty days in winter to ten days in summer, as to when <br /> the violation is to be removed. The City Manager said that you have to read <br /> Section 3 Article A with sub paragraph A and B which are part of section <br /> 21-37 and are not addressed in this ordinance. <br /> As far as recreational vehicles go, the proposal addresses these vehicles as <br /> being allowed if in the back or on the side of a building but it does not <br /> say junk vehicles are allowed anywhere on the property, it is either operable <br /> or it is a junk vehicle. That is what this proposal is about, what's junk <br /> and what's not, and how you go about getting rid of junk. <br /> Mr. Hatcher suggested deleting the statement about value from the ordinance, <br /> what should the value matter, either it is operable or it's not. Mr. Hatcher <br /> also suggested that you make it a law for vehicles to have a tag if the vehicle <br /> is qualified to have a tag under Florida law. So, sub paragraph a of 3 should <br /> say: The absence of a current license plate on a vehicle shall be prima <br /> facia evidence that a vehicle is not operable, then repel all language about <br /> value, and then say unless that vehicle is not qualified for registration under <br /> Florida law. Ken Griffin said then you have a problem; eg. Mrs. Howell went <br /> out and put tags on her car which is still non-operable. Mr. Hatcher said <br /> that is one clear indicator of non-operability, as well as high grass around <br /> the vehicle. If the grass is dead under the vehicle or growing up along side <br /> of it, then that is prima facia evidence that the vehicle is non-operable <br /> (wie because it hasn't been moved. Now you have an alternate situation, no tag <br /> dead grass/non-operable, no tag no dead grass/non-operable, current tag dead <br /> grass/non-operable. <br /> AUJOIMMENP <br /> Bob Sorenson roved to adjourn, Ed Foley seconded, approved unanimously. <br /> CHAIRMAN CARLSSON <br /> CLERK OF THE BOARD <br /> Page 3 <br />