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MINUTES OF THE CITY OF OOH CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD MEETING <br /> ,. HELD AUGUST 12, 1985 <br /> MLR) ORDER <br /> Chairman Frank Carlsson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. <br /> John Linebarier led everyone in prayer. <br /> Ed Foley led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. <br /> The Clerk of the Board called the roll. Present were: <br /> Chairman Frank Carlsson <br /> Gary Carroll, Vice-Chairman <br /> Board Members: <br /> John Linebarier <br /> Joe Marbais <br /> Bob Sorenson <br /> Ed Foley <br /> John Hatcher-Attorney <br /> Ken Griffin-City Manager <br /> Bill Hager-Building Inspector <br /> Evelyn Nordstrom-Clerk of the Board <br /> Board Member absent was Don Barker. <br /> APPROVALS <br /> Frank Carlsson asked to dispense with the reading of the June 6, 1985 Code <br /> Enforcement Board Meeting minutes, John Linebarier made a motion that the <br /> minutes be approved as printed and distributed. The motion was seconded by <br /> Joe Marbais and the vote was carried unanimously. <br /> BEARINGS OF STATEMENTS OF VIOLATIC PANT 10 NOTICES OF HEARING <br /> The following cases were dismissed prior to the meeting due to compliance. <br /> Copies of the notices of dismissal were furnished to the Board: <br /> 85-18 Mr. Carson <br /> 85-21 Smail Beverly <br /> 85-22 James Moncrief <br /> Ken Griffin asked that the board call on Bill Hager, acting as Building Official, <br /> because he has first hand information on the cases. <br /> Ken Griffin swore Bill Hager in. <br /> 85-19 City vs. Betra Torez, nobody was present to represent case 85-19. <br /> It was confirmed that the green receipt(notifying certified mail deliverance) <br /> from Betra Torez was returned to the city office. <br /> Bill Hager said that the car was still sitting beside the house, on <br /> the grass, inside of the fence and grass has grown up around the vehicle but <br /> he could not tell whether or not the tag was invalid because the vehicle was <br /> backed in toward the house. <br /> The point was brought up that there was a discrepancy in names, the original <br /> police department service report was signed by Petra Torres and the notice of <br /> hearing was sent to Betra Tonez. So there was a doubt as to whom actually owns <br /> the house or vehicle. It was recommended that the case be tabled until the <br /> Page 1 <br />