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Code Enforcement Board Minutes <br /> August 27,2002 <br /> FORECLOSE; CFR - COPY TO RESPONDENT; CS — CONTINUED STAY; EX-EXHIBITS; FS- FEES STAYED; NOCV - <br /> NOTICE OF CODE VIOLATION;NOH-NOTICE OF HEARING;SOV-STATEMENT OF VIOLATION(S);OAF-ORDER <br /> AUTHORIZING FORECLOSURE; OOC-ORDER OF CONTINUANCE; CO-COMPLIANCE ORDER; ONC- ORDER OF <br /> NON-COMPLIANCE;OIF/L-ORDER IMPOSING FINE/LIEN;AOC-AFFIDAVIT OF COMPLIANCE;ATF-APPLICATION <br /> TO FORECLOSE; RFR - REQUEST FOR REHEARING; RFRDUC-REQUEST FOR REDUCTION DENIED UNTIL <br /> COMPLIANCE; ROF- REDUCTION OF FINE; AONC - AFFIDAVIT OF NON-COMPLIANCE; PDFS - PER DAY FINE <br /> SUSPENDED,AND POS- PROOF OF SERVICE. <br /> Building Clerk Ramos administered the oath to Code Enforcement Supervisor Simon and <br /> Code Enforcement Officers Loeffler and Siegrist. <br /> HEARINGS ON STATEMENT OF VIOLATONS PURSUANT TO NOTICES OF <br /> HEARINGS <br /> Chairman Linebarier advised the Code Enforcement Board Members that the Respondent in <br /> Case No. 02-022 is a repeat violator. <br /> Member Henderson, seconded by Vice-Chairman Lenko, moved to rehear Case Nos. 02-022, <br /> and 02-019 for reduction of fine. <br /> Vice-Chairman Lenko, seconded by Member Konicek, moved to hear Case Nos. 02-019 and <br /> 02-022 as the next items on the Agenda. Motion carried 7-0. <br /> Case No. 02-022—Joseph J. Marra <br /> 50 E. Silver Star Road Officer Loeffler <br /> Violation Cited: 108-19 A,C,D;108-419 F(1)(c)(d);108-35 <br /> 04-10-02 NOCV Re-Inspection Date: 04-09-02 <br /> 04-10-02 SOV <br /> 04-10-02 NOH Meeting Date: 04-23-02 <br /> 04-10-02 POS Certified Mail <br /> 04-17-02 POS Regular Mail <br /> 04-23-02 OWL x250.00 per day for 14 days <br /> (RV) 04-29-02 thru 04-22-02,Total due$3,500.00 <br /> Observation: Person(s)occupying dwelling without electric and water utilities,required for minimum housing code during occupancy. <br /> Code Enforcement Officer Loeffler, having been sworn, gave a detailed history of the Case <br /> and stated the respondent is requesting a reduction of fine and lien. <br /> Respondent, Joseph J. Marra, having been sworn, stated he evicted the tenants by physically <br /> having them removed. He was not aware that there was a lien on the property until a realtor <br /> notified him. <br /> Member Henderson, seconded by Member Donenfeld, moved in Case No. 02-022 to reduce <br /> the fine from $3,500.00 to $250.00 and remove the lien if paid in full by September 10, 2002. <br /> Motion carried 7-0. <br /> L <br /> 2 <br />