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Code Enforcement Board Minutes <br /> June 25,2002 <br /> L <br /> Building Clerk Ramos administered the oath to Code Enforcement Supervisor Simon and <br /> Code Enforcement Officer Loeffler. <br /> HEARINGS ON STATEMENT OF VIOLATONS PURSUANT TO NOTICES OF <br /> HEARINGS <br /> Case No. 02-029—Russell R. & Patricia A. Grandgeorge <br /> 801 E. Silver Star Road Officer Loeffler <br /> Violation Cited: 119-2 <br /> 06-04-02 NOCV Re-Inspection Date: 05-24-02 <br /> 06-04-02 SOV <br /> 06-04-02 NOH Meeting Date: 06-25-02 <br /> 06-04-02 POS Certified Mail <br /> Observation:Commercial Vehicles back at residence. No Commercial site for business. <br /> Code Enforcement Supervisor Simon, having been sworn, gave a detailed history of the <br /> case. She stated the Respondents are repeat violators and the property is not in compliance. <br /> Russell Grandgeorge, having been sworn, stated he only parked the vehicle in question at the <br /> residence on breaks and on weekends. He stated he was not conducting business from the <br /> residence. <br /> Member Donenfeld, seconded by member Godek, moved to table Case No. 02-029 until the <br /> July 23, 2002, meeting in order to resolve the vehicle size limit and give the Respondent time <br /> to apply for an occupational license. Motion carried 4-0. Vice Chairman Lenko abstained <br /> from voting as she was not present for the testimony. <br /> Case No. 02-030—Ignacio & Bertha Ibarra <br /> 75 Sand Dollar Key Drive Officer Loeffler <br /> Violation Cited: 115-5 <br /> 06-05-02 NOCV Re-Inspection Date: 06-05-02 <br /> 06-05-02 SOV <br /> 06-05-02 NOH Meeting Date: 06-25-02 <br /> 06-0502 POS Certified Mail <br /> Observation: Overgrown grass/weeds. <br /> Code Enforcement Officer Loeffler, having been sworn, gave a detailed history of the case, <br /> stated the Respondents are repeat violators, and the property is in compliance. <br /> Vice-Chairman Lenko, seconded by Member Henderson, moved in Case No. 02-030 to find <br /> the Respondents in violation of Section 115-5 as of June 4, 2002, but in compliance as of <br /> June 25, 2002,and to impose a penalty of$50.00 per day effective June 4, 2002, thru June 25, <br /> 2002, totaling $1,050.00 and enter an order imposing fine and lien. Motion carried 4-1. <br /> Member Godek voted no. <br /> L <br /> 2 <br />