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"CENTER OF GOOD LIVING-PRIDE OF WEST ORANGE" MAYOR•COMMISSIONER <br /> Ocoee S.SCOTT VANDERGRIFT <br /> O� <br /> 0 CITYO F O C O E E COMMISSIONERS <br /> �ry DANNY HOWELL <br /> 150 N.LAKESHORE DRIVE SCOTT ANDERSON <br /> OCOEE,FLORIDA 34761-2258 RUSTY JOHNSON <br /> yj J� (407)905-3100 NANCY J.PARKER <br /> E�Of 000D�` <br /> CITY MANAGER <br /> JIM GLEASON <br /> CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD <br /> AGENDA <br /> June 25, 2002 7:30 p.m. <br /> I. CALL TO ORDER <br /> A. Pledge of Allegiance <br /> B. Invocation <br /> C. Roll Call and Determination of Quorum <br /> II. CONSENT AGENDA <br /> ALL MATTERS LISTED UNDER THE CONSENT AGENDA ARE CONSIDERED TO BE ROUTINE BY THE CODE ENFORCEMENT <br /> BOARD AND WILL BE ACTED UPON BY ONE MOTION. THERE WILL BE NO SEPARATE DISCUSSION OF THESE ITEMS <br /> UNLESS DISCUSSION IS DESIRED BY A MEMBER OF THE BOARD,IN WHICH CASE THE CHAIRMAN WILL INSTRUCT THE <br /> BOARD CLERK TO REMOVE THE ITEM FROM THE CONSENT AGENDA AND SUCH ITEM WILL BE CONSIDERED <br /> SEPARATELY. <br /> A. Minutes of the May 28, 2002, Code Enforcement Board Meeting <br /> B. Order of Continuance (Meeting: July 23, 2002) <br /> C. Order of Dismissal <br /> Case Number Respondent Location of Violation <br /> III. COMMENTS FROM CITIZENS <br /> IV. HEARINGS ON STATEMENT OF VIOLATIONS PURSUANT TO NOTICES OF <br /> HEARINGS <br /> Case Number Respondent Location of Violation <br /> A. 02-029 Russell R. &Patricia A. Grandgeorge 801 E. Silver Star Road <br /> B. 02-030 Ignacio & Bertha Ibarra 75 Sand Dollar Key Drive <br /> C. 02-031 Daniel A. & Judy M. Nestor 1887 Leslie Ann Lane <br /> D. 02-032 Rodney G. & Charlotte Wise 370 Bravada Street <br /> CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD <br /> POW!' <br /> F",tieCsf;Py:. 'hr FP; <br />