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ORDINANCE NO. 2015-013 <br /> (Substantial Amendment to PUD Ordinance for Ocoee Crown Point) <br /> CASE NO. RZ-15-05-03: Ocoee Crown Point <br /> AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF OCOEE, FLORIDA APPROVING A <br /> SUBSTANTIAL AMENDMENT TO THE LAND USE PLAN FOR OCOEE <br /> CROWN POINT ON CERTAIN REAL PROPERTY LOCATED <br /> NORTHWEST OF EAST CROWN POINT ROAD AND STATE ROAD <br /> 429; AMENDING THE OCOEE CROWN POINT PUD LAND USE PLAN <br /> TO CHANGE THE LAND USE OF TRACT 3 FROM PARK TO <br /> RESIDENTIAL; TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF SINGLE FAMILY <br /> UNITS FROM 264 TO 333, TO ALLOW ALL INTERIOR ROADWAYS <br /> TO BE PRIVATE AND GATED, TO LIMIT ACCESS TO THE <br /> ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TO THE SCHOOL TRACT, TO LIMIT <br /> PUBLIC PEDESTRIAN ACCESS TO THE EXTERIOR CONSERVATION <br /> TRACT, TO REDUCE REAR SETBACKS, AND TO MODIFY LOT <br /> SIZES; REPEALING INCONSISTENT ORDINANCES; PROVIDING FOR <br /> SEVERABILITY; PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE. <br /> WHEREAS, the owner or owners (the "Applicant") of certain real property located <br /> within the corporate limits of the City of Ocoee, Florida, as described in the Exhibit "A" <br /> attached hereto has petitioned the City Commission of the City of Ocoee, Florida (the "Ocoee <br /> City Commission") to approve an amendment (the "Amendment") to the Ocoee Crown Point <br /> PUD Land Use Plan, as approved by the Ocoee City Commission on June 19, 2004 (the "Land <br /> Use Plan"); and <br /> WHEREAS, the Amendment proposes to modify the approved PUD to change the land <br /> use of Tract 3 from Park to Residential, to increase the number of single family units from 264 to <br /> 333, to allow all interior roadways to be private and gated, to limit access to the elementary <br /> school, to limit public pedestrian access to the exterior conservation tract, to reduce rear <br /> setbacks, and to modify lot sizes; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Amendment was scheduled for study and recommendation and was <br /> reviewed by the Development Review Committee ("DRC") on August 12, 2015; and <br /> WHEREAS,the DRC recommended approval of said Amendment; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Amendment was scheduled for study and recommendation by the <br /> Planning and Zoning Commission of the City of Ocoee, Florida (the "Planning and Zoning <br /> Commission"); and <br /> WHEREAS, on August 26, 2015, the Planning and Zoning Commission held an <br /> advertised public hearing on the Application and recommended approval of the Amendment; and <br />