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ORDINANCE NO. 2015-021 <br /> AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF OCOEE, ORANGE <br /> COUNTY, FLORIDA, ADOPTING A FINAL BUDGET FOR <br /> THE FISCAL YEAR BEGINNING OCTOBER 1, 2015, AND <br /> ENDING SEPTEMBER 30, 2016; PROVIDING FOR <br /> SEVERABILITY; PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE. <br /> WHEREAS, the City Manager of the City of Ocoee, Florida, has submitted an <br /> estimate of the expenditures necessary to carry on the City Government for the Fiscal <br /> Year beginning October 1, 2015, and ending September 30, 2016; and <br /> WHEREAS, the estimated revenues to be received by the City during said <br /> period from ad valorem taxes and other sources has been submitted to the City <br /> Commission; and <br /> WHEREAS, all applicable legal requirements pertaining to public notices and <br /> hearings have been satisfied within specified deadlines and prior to final adoption of this <br /> Ordinance; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City Commission has, in meeting duly assembled, examined <br /> and carefully considered the proposed budget. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED BY THE CITY COMMISSION <br /> OF THE CITY OF OCOEE,FLORIDA,AS FOLLOWS: <br /> SECTION 1. Authority. The City Commission of the City of Ocoee has the <br /> authority to adopt this Ordinance pursuant to Article VIII of the Constitution of the State <br /> of Florida and Chapters 166 and 200, Florida Statutes. <br /> SECTION 2. Adoption of Tentative Budget. Attached hereto as Schedule <br /> "A" and incorporated herein by reference is the tentative budget for the City of Ocoee <br />