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NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED BY THE CITY COMMISSION OF THE <br />CITY OF OCOEE, FLORIDA, AS FOLLOWS: <br />Section 1. Recitals. The foregoing recitals are hereby ratified and confirmed as <br />true and correct and incorporated herein by this reference. <br />Section 2. Authority. The City Commission of the City of Ocoee has the <br />authority to adopt this Ordinance pursuant to Article VIII of the Constitution of the State <br />of Florida and Chapter 166, Florida Statutes. <br />Section 3. 2016 Presidential preference primary. As authorized by general <br />law, on March 15, 2016, the City shall hold its regular municipal election so that the <br />regular municipal election coincides with the date of Florida's presidential preference <br />primary. The following provisions shall apply to the 2016 regular municipal election held <br />in conjunction with the presidential preference primary notwithstanding any city charter <br />provision or ordinance to the contrary: <br />(a) The qualifying period for such election shall commence at noon on Friday, <br />December 11, 2015 and shall terminate at noon on Friday, December 18, 2015. <br />(b) Pursuant to the provisions of Section C -50 of the City of Ocoee Charter, <br />the canvassing of absentee, provisional, and overseas ballots for the City's <br />regular municipal election will be conducted by the Orange County Canvassing <br />Board. <br />(c) In the event that the results of the regular municipal election held in <br />conjunction with Florida's presidential preference primary require a run -off <br />election, such run -off election shall be held on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. A run -off <br />election would be conducted at the direction and cost of the City and would be <br />canvassed by the City Canvassing Board as provided in Section C -50 of the City <br />of Ocoee Charter. <br />Page 2 <br />