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ATTEST: <br />Eikenberry, City Clerk <br />(SEAL) <br />FOR USE AND RELIANCE ONLY BY <br />THE CITY OF OCOEE, FLORIDA; <br />APPROVED AS TO FORM AND <br />LEGALITY <br />this V day of q�Z -��- , 2015- <br />SHUFFIELD, LOWMAN & WILSON, P.A. <br />APPROVED: <br />CITY OF OCOEE, FLORIDA <br />S. Scott Vandergrift, Mayor <br />ADVERTISED CCO,rC1 -� aQ , 20 15 <br />READ FIRST TIMErf)n ,( y, 11, 2015 <br />READ SECOND TIME AND ADOPTED <br />20 r5 <br />UN ER AGENDA ITEM NO. <br />