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DOC# 20150144650 B: 10892 P: 7681 <br />03/23/2015 11:17:34 AM Page 1 of 5 <br />Ree Fee: $44.00 <br />Martha 0. Haynie, Comptroller <br />E , Orange County FL <br />ORDINANCE NO.2015 -004 MB - Ret To: 6COEE <br />(Annexation Ordinance For Michael Swatkowski Property) <br />'III <br />TAX PARCEL ID #s 18- 22 -28- 7900 -06 -006; <br />CASE NO. AX- 04- 12 -34: Michael Swatkowski Annexation <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF OCOEE, FLORIDA, ANNEXING <br />INTO THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE CITY OF OCOEE, FLORIDA, <br />CERTAIN REAL PROPERTY CONTAINING APPROXIMATELY 5.01 <br />ACRES LOCATED ON THE NORTH SIDE OF LEE STREET, 200 FEET <br />EAST OF THE INTERSECTION OF N KISSIMMEE AVE AND LEE <br />STREET; PURSUANT TO THE APPLICATION SUBMITTED BY THE <br />PROPERTY OWNER, FINDING SAID ANNEXATION TO BE <br />CONSISTENT WITH THE OCOEE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN, THE <br />OCOEE CITY CODE, AND THE JOINT PLANNING AREA <br />AGREEMENT; PROVIDING FOR AND AUTHORIZING THE UPDATING <br />OF OFFICIAL CITY MAPS; PROVIDING DIRECTION TO THE CITY <br />CLERK; PROVIDING FOR SEVERABILITY; REPEALING <br />INCONSISTENT ORDINANCES; PROVIDING FOR AN EFFECTIVE <br />DATE. <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 171.044, Florida Statutes, the owner or owners of <br />certain real property located in unincorporated Orange County, Florida, as hereinafter described, <br />have petitioned the City Commission of the City of Ocoee, Florida (the "Ocoee City <br />Commission ") to annex approximately 5.01 acres of property as more particularly described in <br />Exhibit "A" hereto, into the corporate limits of the City of Ocoee, Florida; and <br />WHEREAS, the Ocoee City Commission has determined that said application petition <br />bears the signatures of all owners of the real property proposed to be annexed into the corporate <br />limits of the City of Ocoee, Florida; and <br />WHEREAS, notice of the proposed annexation has been published pursuant to the <br />requirements of Section 171.044(2), Florida Statutes, and Section 5 -9(E) of Article V of Chapter <br />180 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Ocoee (the "Ocoee City Code "); and <br />WHEREAS, on February 11, 1994, Orange County and the City of Ocoee entered into a <br />Joint Planning Area Agreement (the "JPA Agreement ") which affects the annexation of the real <br />property hereinafter described; and <br />WHEREAS, the Planning and Zoning Commission of the City of Ocoee, Florida, has <br />reviewed the proposed annexation and found it to be consistent with the Ocoee Comprehensive <br />Plan, to comply with all applicable requirements of the Ocoee City Code, to be consistent with <br />the JPA Agreement, and to be in the best interest of the City of Ocoee and has recommended to <br />-1- <br />