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OCOPP <br /> florida <br /> AGENDA ITEM COVER SHEET <br /> Meeting Date: March 17, 2015 <br /> Item # <br /> Reviewed By: <br /> Contact Name: Stephen C. Krug Department Director: <br /> Contact Number: 6002 City Manager: <br /> Subject: Bluford Avenue Drainage Project Resolution for Acquisition by E inent Domain — <br /> Brown Property. Commissioner Johnson, District 3. <br /> Background Summary: <br /> The City Commission approved the acquisition of right of way required for the Bluford Avenue <br /> Stormwater Project at the November 19, 2013 meeting, authorizing the Attorney to make the statutorily <br /> required pre- condemnation offer letters at the appraised values and then proceed to eminent domain. <br /> Ms. Karen Brown, Parcels 101 & 701, had agreed to accept the appraised values for both parcels <br /> totaling $7,310.00. The Commission approved the Purchase Agreement for said parcels at the March <br /> 4, 2014 meeting authorizing the Attorney to complete the subsequent closing actions with the property <br /> lien holders. Since the last Commission action on this property, one of the lien holders has foreclosed <br /> on the property and is no longer willing to participate in the purchase agreement. The Attorney has <br /> recommended proceeding with the eminent domain process to acquire these two (2) final remaining <br /> parcels required for the project. <br /> Public Works is requesting the City Commission approve the Resolution relating to the acquisition by <br /> eminent domain for the Brown Parcels 101 & 107. In conjunction with the Resolution, the required <br /> property survey and updated property appraisal have been authorized by Public Works to proceed <br /> concurrently. The Attorney is preparing to file suit immediately following receipt of the required <br /> documents which are currently scheduled for completion by the second week in April. The Order of <br /> Taking will be approximately 60 days from filing and is dependent on the volume of actions filling the <br /> docket. Following the Order of Taking, the City can take possession of the property as soon as we <br /> deposit the good faith estimate of value and the bidding process can proceed. <br /> Public Works recommends the Commission approve the attached Resolution in order to complete the <br /> property acquisition phase of the project. This is the last acquisition required for the project and the only <br /> property requiring condemnation. The property acquisition is adequately funded in the project budget. <br /> Issue: <br /> Request the City Commission approve a Resolution relating to the acquisition by eminent domain of the <br /> Brown Parcels 101 & 107 required to construct the Bluford Avenue Stormwater project from Columbus <br /> Street to 7 Street. <br />