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�o <br /> fir►' <br /> ( )( ( }( )(' <br /> cri:Ju <br /> AGENDA ITEM COVER SHEET <br /> Meeting Date: March 17, 2015 <br /> Item # t O <br /> Reviewed By: <br /> Contact Name: Joy P. Wright Department Director: 1!1 j <br /> Contact Number: 407 - 905 -3100 x9 -1530 City Manager: ����""- <br /> Subject: Community Grant Program — January 2015 Cycle <br /> Background Summary: <br /> The Community Grant Review Board (CGRB) met on February 11, 2015 to discuss the 12 applications received <br /> for the Community Grant Program (formerly the Community Merit Awards Program). The Community Grant <br /> Program provides financial grants of up to $500 to non - profit organizations and civic groups located within the <br /> city limits or are located outside the city limits but benefit residents of Ocoee. The grant cycle is open twice <br /> yearly (January and July) to acknowledge excellence and further the contributions these local organizations <br /> bring to the Ocoee community. <br /> There is $5,000 allotted for this cycle of the Community Grant Program. <br /> The Community Grant Review Board recommended funding 8 organizations in the total amount of $4,000. The <br /> CGRB recommended the following three organizations do not receive grant funding: Garden Community Choir, <br /> Center for Muliticultural Wellness and Prevention, Inc. and Orlando Chargers Basketball Organization. <br /> Issue: <br /> Should the Mayor and Commissioners approve the $4,000 funding recommendation made by the Community <br /> Grant Review Board? <br /> Recommendations <br /> Staff respectfully requests that the Mayor and City Commission approve the Community Grant Review Board's <br /> recommendation. <br /> Attachments: <br /> Community Grant applications <br /> Minutes of the February 11, 2015 CGRB meeting <br /> Financial Impact: <br /> $5,000 funding is available for this grant cycle. The total of all recommended grants is $4,000. <br />