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(')( ()OO <br /> AGENDA ITEM COVER SHEET <br /> Meeting Date: March 17, 2015 <br /> Item # <br /> Reviewed By: ' < � <br /> Contact Name: Joy P. Wright Department Director: 41,i/ <br /> Contact Number: 407 - 905 -3100 x9 -1530 City Manager: <br /> Subject: Most Valuable Partnership Grants — Cycle 2014/2015 <br /> Background Summary: <br /> The Most Valuable Partnership Grants Program has been in operation for several years. The grant program assists <br /> Ocoee neighborhoods and organizations with projects that will enhance property values and improve the quality of <br /> life in Ocoee. The MVP grant program is a matching grant program held annually in November. <br /> The maximum matching grant award is $2,000. Funding is not given up front, but is reimbursed at the completion of <br /> organization's project. Applicants fund their improvement projects and then get a portion back, up to a maximum of <br /> $2,000. <br /> Six applications were submitted. Two organizations, Silver Glen HOA and Dirty Jeans 4H, withdrew their <br /> applications, leaving four applicants. The total amount of grant monies requested from the four applicants is <br /> $7,500. There is $12,000 funded for the MVP Grant Program. <br /> The following four organizations were recommended to receive grants: Admiral Pointe HOA; Roberts Rise HOA; <br /> Rotary Club of Ocoee and Sleepy Harbour HOA. <br /> Issue: <br /> Should the Mayor and Commissioners approve the $7,350 funding recommendation? <br /> Recommendations: <br /> Staff respectfully requests that the Mayor and City Commission approve the recommendation. <br /> Attachments: <br /> MVP Grant Applications <br /> Financial Impact: <br /> None. There is $12,000 available for the MVP Grant program in FY 2014/15. <br /> Below are the four organizations that staff recommends receive an MVP Grant: <br /> 1. Admiral Pointe HOA <br /> Plant 5 Oak trees along Keaton Parkway, install irrigation, replace old /dead landscaping with new plants <br /> Amount requested: $2,000 Staff recommendation: $2,000 <br />