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'f“ " 7 tkt <br /> A ky iJ <br /> iv Al e <br /> 11111V0i411" _ .ea <br /> r or <br /> mrt <br /> Day <br /> florid° s ebtion ° 4 0 , <br /> •e Proc <br /> TREE CITY USA <br /> wionkeno, 3in 1872, J. Sterling Morton proposed to the Nebraska Board of Agriculture <br /> that a special day be set aside for the planting of trees. This holiday, called <br /> Arbor Day, was first observed with the planting of more than a million trees <br /> in Nebraska. Arbor Day is now observed throughout the nation and the <br /> world; and <br /> * (Ee, Trees can reduce the erosion of our precious top soil by wind and water, cut <br /> heating and cooling costs, moderate the temperature, clean the air, produce <br /> oxygen and provide habitat for wildlife. Trees are a renewable resource <br /> giving us paper, wood for our homes, and countless other wood products; <br /> and; and <br /> 1 J% coee adopted a strong arbor ordinance that has added over 15,000 trees in <br /> the last twenty years. In addition, the Ocoee Parks and Recreation <br /> Department and the Ocoee Utilities Department have given away over one <br /> thousand trees in the last five years at various city sponsored events for <br /> res idents to place in their yards; and <br /> w »e3ae , ®coee has been named a Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation since <br /> 2009. To be named a Tree City USA, you must meet four requirements: a <br /> tree board or department, a tree -care ordinance, an annual community <br /> forestry budget of at least $2 per capita and an Arbor Day observance and <br /> proclamation. <br /> 1140 /��' 9 I, S. Scott Vandergrift, Mayor of the City of Ocoee, do hereby proclaim April <br /> 24, 2015 to be <br /> in the City of Ocoee, and urge all citizens to support efforts to protect our trees and <br /> woodlands and to support our City's urban forestry program, and <br /> FURTHER, I urge all citizens to plant trees to gladden hearts and promote the well <br /> being of present and future generations. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEROF, I hereunto have <br /> Set my hand and caused the Seal of the <br /> City of Ocoee, Florida to be affixed this <br /> 17 day of March 2015. <br /> S. Scott V ande gili f t, ✓1Vla c <br />