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a h <br /> 44.4 „ <br /> Aii C II e Rea th!afl a +nd Beyond <br /> florida <br /> O WeeaKtakialt <br /> logpeReatito, Mhe people of the City of Ocoee, Central Florida, and the <br /> nation should always remember the terrible events of the <br /> Holocaust and remain vigilant against hatred, persecution, and <br /> bigotry; and <br /> Warpelkectfib, ti., he people of the City of Ocoee should actively rededicate <br /> th emselves to the principles of individual freedom in a just and <br /> free society; and <br /> ee t5he history of the Holocaust offers an opportunity to reflect <br /> on the moral responsibilities of individuals, societies and <br /> governments; and <br /> Ee �he Yom HaSoah Days of Remembrance have been set aside <br /> for the people of the City of Ocoee to remember the victims of <br /> the Holocaust and to reflect on the need for respect toward all <br /> people. <br /> ItomMetekne, I, S. Scott Vandergrift, Mayor of the City of Ocoee, do hereby <br /> declare Thursday, April 16, 2015 as <br /> DAY OF REMEMBRANCE <br /> in Ocoee, and urge all citizens to be ever mindful of this tragedy and to constantly <br /> strive for harmony with all people. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I <br /> have hereunto set my hand and <br /> caused the Seal of the City of <br /> Ocoee, Florida to be affixed <br /> this 7th day of April 2015. <br /> S. Scott fluedetreg Wear* <br />