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a, \? t;\ 1 i / -> <br /> i <br /> ;,.. il <br /> p 44 in .,- , <br /> A 1 1/4, /.4P t, <br /> \ r <br /> C <br /> Protect Water Resources �'i� � ,,�� <br /> Pr <br /> florida ' / / /� 7\ )A � }, ' <br /> W JErea , E he City of Ocoee is working with all of its citizens and visitors to increase <br /> the awareness of the importance of water conservation for the present and all <br /> future generations; and <br /> WbErtali, Th e City of Ocoee is actively engaged in a water conservation campaign to <br /> promote the awareness of the necessity to conserve water, a natural and vital <br /> resource, and has continued to sustain the POWR program to assist in <br /> promoting water preservation through education to the citizens and visitors of <br /> Ocoee through alternative methods and ideas; Wbereao, A' the Governor and Cabinet of the State of Florida, along with St. Johns <br /> River Water Management District, designate the month of April as "Water <br /> Conservation Month" in the State of Florida, and urge every resident and visitor <br /> to become more aware of the need conserve water and thus promote a <br /> healthy economy and community; and <br /> W!jereag, E he month of April, a typically dry month when water demands are most <br /> acute, shall be designated as "Water Conservation Month" in the City of Ocoee <br /> and the City will actively promote ideas and instruction to residents and visitors <br /> about how they can help save Florida's precious resources; and <br /> Wbtrta15, every business, visitor, and homeowner can make a difference when it comes <br /> to conserving water, which is a natural resource that is essential to all living <br /> things. <br /> ZOO 74 ejo,e, I, S. Scott Vandergrift, Mayor of the City of Ocoee, Florida, in <br /> recognition of this important initiative, do hereby proclaim April 2015, as <br /> "WATER CO SERVATDOf1 MONTH" <br /> in the City of Ocoee, and urge citizens to participate in this important plan to conserve <br /> water. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEROF, 1 hereunto have <br /> Set my hand and caused the Seal of the <br /> City of Ocoee, Florida to be affixed this <br /> 17 day of March, 2015. <br /> S. Scott Vandeitcytift , Stavoit <br />