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THIS INSTRUMENT PREPARED BY: <br />Robin G. Drage, Esq. <br />SHUFFIELD LOWMAN & WILSON, P.A. <br />1000 Legion Place, Suite 1700 <br />Orlando, FL. 32801 <br />(407) 581 -9800 <br />AFTER RECORDING RETURN TO: <br />Beth Eikenberry, City Clerk <br />CITY OF OCOEE <br />150 N. Lakeshore Drive <br />Ocoee, Ft. 34761 <br />(407) 905 -3100 <br />RESOLUTION NO. 2014-007 <br />DOC# 2 0140368254 B: 10778 P: 8210 <br />07/24/2014 08:21:21 AM Page 1 of 5 <br />Rec Fee: $44.00 <br />Martha 0. Haynie, Comptroller <br />Orange County FL <br />MS - Ret To: 6cOEE <br />FIRMSRWAR III <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY OF OCOEE, FLORIDA, <br />PERTAINING '1'O THE DEDICATION OF A PORTION OF <br />THE A.D. MIMS WASTEWA'l'ER TREATMENT FACILITY <br />TO THE PUBLIC FOR RIGHT -OF -WAY PURPOSES; <br />PROVIDING FOR SEVERABILITY; PROVIDING AN <br />EFFECTIVE DA'Z'E. <br />WHEREAS, the City of Ocoee ( "City ") owns the A.D. Mirris Wastewater <br />Treatment Facility (the "Facility "), and <br />WHEREAS, the School Board of Orange County ( "OCPS ") owns certain real <br />property adjacent to the Facility (the "OOPS Property "); and <br />WHEREAS, OOPS recently constructed a new Spring Lake Elementary School <br />(the "School ") on the OCPS Property; and <br />WHEREAS, to facilitate traffic flow to and from the School, OCPS determined <br />that a public right-of-way access point to the School was needed; and <br />WHEREAS, OCPS requested that the City dedicate a portion of the Facility <br />property to the public for use as a public right -of -way to provide access to the School; and <br />