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RESOLUTION No. 2014 -003 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE MAYOR AND THE CITY <br />COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF OCOEE, FLORIDA <br />SUPPORTING CONGRESSIONAL EFFORTS TO ADOPT AND <br />IMPLEMENT REFORMS TO THE CURRENT IMMIGRATION <br />LAWS AND REGULATIONS; AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR TO <br />FORWARD A COPY OF THIS RESOLUTION TO THE STATE OF <br />FLORIDA MEMBERS OF THE UNITED STATES HOUSE OF <br />REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATE; AND PROVIDING FOR <br />AN EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />WHEREAS, The City Commission of the City of Ocoee, Florida (the "City ") <br />believes fixing our nation's broken immigration laws is among the most important issues of <br />interest to our residents and the City believes strongly that maintaining the status quo will further <br />damage the economic, political and social structure of our cities and our country; and <br />WHEREAS, the City believes that a meaningful fix to immigration must begin with a <br />strengthening of border security. Further, interior enforcement should be improved to <br />enhance our ability to identify and remove visa overstays, but our state and local law <br />enforcement must be able to remain focused on community policing; and <br />WHEREAS, the nation would benefit from a less bureaucratic and more time- <br />sensitive system that allows workers of all types - seasonal, agricultural, lesser - skilled and high- <br />skilled — to lawfully come to America, either temporarily or permanently, and contribute <br />to our economy; and <br />WHEREAS, part of immigration reform must also provide a uniform system of <br />employment verification; and <br />WHEREAS, there are equally compelling moral dimensions also related to immigration <br />reform that underscore the importance of moving forward with the effort; people must be <br />able to come out of the shadows and fully pursue the American Dream for themselves and their <br />families. This is also essential to our efforts to combat crime and provide effective police <br />protection for our residents, property owners, businesses and visitors. <br />