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SECTION 3. The City Manager is hereby authorized and directed to hold executed copies <br />of the Financing Documents until the conditions for the delivery of the Financing Documents have <br />been completed to such officer's satisfaction. The City Manager is authorized to approve changes to <br />any Financing Documents previously signed by City officers or employees, provided that such <br />changes shall not substantially alter the intent of such documents or certificates from the intent <br />expressed in the forms executed by such officers, The Financing Documents shall be in such final <br />forms as the City Manager shall approve, with the City Manager's release of any Financing <br />Document for delivery constituting conclusive evidence of such officer's final approval of the <br />Document's final form. <br />SECTION 4. The City shall not take or omit to take any action the taking or omission of <br />which shall cause its interest payments on this financing to be includable in the gross income for <br />federal income tax purposes of the registered owners of the interest payment obligations. The City <br />hereby designates its obligations to make principal and interest payments under the Financing <br />Documents as "qualified tax - exempt obligations" for the purpose of Internal Revenue Code Section <br />265(b)(3). <br />SECTION 5. The City intends that the adoption of this resolution will be a declaration of <br />the City's official intent to reimburse expenditures for the project that is to be financed from the <br />proceeds of the BB &T financing described above. The City intends that funds that have been <br />advanced, or that may be advanced, from the City's general fund, or any other City fund related to <br />the project, for project costs may be reimbursed from the financing proceeds. <br />SECTION 6, All prior actions of City officers in furtherance of the purposes of this <br />resolution are hereby ratified, approved and confirmed. All other resolutions (or parts thereof) in <br />